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In Stock!

In Stock!

Well, the patient wait is finally over! We have been so busy looking after our next major crop, Matthiola Incana commonly known as Stocks…

Stocks originated in the Mediterranean region of the Canary Islands hence they love the sunshine and long day light hours. Species growing in their natural habitat produce single-flowering inflorescences, but nowadays improved breeding and growing methods make it possible to grow double flowering columns.

The glasshouse is just full of the most delicate fragrance from the stocks which come in a selection of pastels, reds and blues. We have grown seven different colours and are offering them in either mono, duo or tri-colour bunches, and we even have a mixed bunch which showcases all the different stock colours!

 It is an absolute sight to behold, so we thought  you may want an update of what those small, tiny plants look like now.

Love Delivered Stocks growing well

It has been 84 days since the first ones were planted, and they have had much growing to do! Fortunately, we give them everything they need to thrive. They have been irrigated from our reservoir, which is supplied by rainwater from our glasshouse roof, they've enjoyed plenty of sunshine to make them grow tall, plus much love and attention from our Team.  Each plant is planted in a square wire which is moved up by hand to support them and ensure they all stand straight to attention. 

Why not check our full range out here.

Stock plant with roots Picking Stocks at Love Delivered HQ Picked Stcoks at Love Delivered

Annabel picking Stocks at Love Delivered HQ

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