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Peony Perfection

Peony Perfection

It feels like we wait all year for this special flower to arrive, but when she finally does we are truly amazed all over again!

They are fluffy, fragrant and fabulous and we just can’t get enough of them…

Sophie Allport Bee Jug with white peonies

People are mesmerised by their beauty, their delicate sweet fragrance and are bewildered how this puff of marshmallow unfurls an abundance of never ending ruffled petals.

They are truly one of Mother’s Nature’s true delights.  The early varieties consist of Red Charm, Coral Sunset moving in to Sarah Bernhardt .  We will also be showcasing Alertie, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Dr Alexander Fleming, Immaculee Duchesse de Nemours, Gardenia and Jules Elie. 

Love Delivered Peonies Love Delivered White Peonies Love Delivered Peony

Peonies symbolise prosperity, good luck, love and honour which is perhaps why they are used so much in bridal bouquets. 

Peonies actually take three years from plant to cut flower but take a whooping seven years to reach their potential of stems per plant.

Their petals are edible and can therefore be used for summer salads, or to garnish lemonade or ice tea at picnics. 

Their season is so short but their intoxicating fragrance lasts for ever!

Peonies from Love Delivered

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